• Golden Topaz Ring.

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  • Description

    Dainty gold-plated brass ring with a genuine blue topaz for a chic and simple look

    Metal: Brass GemStones: Sky-Blue Topaz Setting Type: Bezel Plating: 18k Yellow Gold Top Width: 7 mm.

    Meaning of Topaz: 

    •  It is traditionally known as a stone of love and good fortune, bringing successful attainment of goals. It is said to be especially effective when set in gold and bound to the left arm. topaz brings confidence, aids in problem solving, openness, honesty, self-control, self-realization and the development of inner wisdom.


    Source: https://www.jewelsforme.com/topaz-meaning
  • Dainty gold ring with genuine topaz by Kesley, Girlwith3jobs
  • Golden Topaz Ring.

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