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    Gemini: The most versatile and vibrant horoscope sign, Gemini energy helps us communicate, collaborate and fly our freak flags at full mast.

    Symbol: The Twins
    Ruling Planet: Mercury — the planet of communication
    Body Part: Shoulders, arms, hands
    Element: Air
    Good Days: Fascinating, original, resourceful, charming, wise, adventurous
    Bad Days: Restless, distracted, two-faced, judgmental, depressed, overwhelmed
    Favorite Things: Cell phones, fast cars, trendy clothes, obscure music, guitars, books, comedy clubs
    What they Hate: Small-minded people, dress codes, authority figures, silence, routines
    Secret wish: To have all the answers
    How to Spot Them: Mischievous twinkle in their eyes, reading, talking with their hands
    Where You’ll Find Them: Behind the camera, behind the deejay booth, in a chat room, arguing both sides on the debate team
    Keywords: Communication, Collaboration, Synergy, Cleverness, Wittiness,  Inventiveness,  Ingenuity

    Source: http://astrostyle.com/zodiac-signs/ 

  • Gemini
  • Gemini

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